Betting On PlayStation Games

The prospect of betting on Playstation games is something that can now be found online. If you like playing video games, than you will love to know that you can now make some money while you do so. In a nut shell, Playstation Games Betting will allow you to risk real money and see reward through your ability to play Playstation. Want a new game? Want to buy a better model of Playstation, or even pay your rent or car payment? You may now do so just by playing the games you love, all through the possibility of betting on Playstation Games.

In order to begin betting on Playstation Games, you will be entering a tournament style of play. In a one versus one match up, the results are obvious - winner takes all. There are also multiplayer tournaments that will let you participate in an event with many others. The mulitplayer events will serve to significantly increase the amount of money in the proverbial pot. As such, you will be able to see higher returns on lower risks. These tournaments usually pay only one player, though you will periodically see tournaments that pay the top two or three players engaging in betting on Playstation Games.

If you are wondering how the results work, you will be glad to know that the results of the tournament have to be reported and agreed upon by all players involved. In order to remain safe while you take part in betting on Playstation games, you may want to keep a digital camera or camera phone handy. Taking a picture of the results can save you a lot of time and head ache. This will keep you totally secure, as the results can then be verified and your winnings can be released. We can only hope that you will be one of the good guys rather than one of the potential thieves.

Top Site For Betting On PlayStation Games

Not many websites have decided to host betting on playstation games, but you will find that one such site has been established at the highest levels of online gambling quality. GamerSaloon is providing players with a safe haven for all of their Playstation Games betting. Both Playstation 2 and 3 can be found through GamerSaloon. A wide array of games is also incorporated into their site. Funding your account will always be easy, safety protocols are in place to make sure you are not cheated, and there is even a free $5 dollar bonus upon signing up.

In order to begin using GamerSaloon, you will have to know the available deposit options. VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express make up the easiest deposit methods. PayPal is also a method, if you use this service, but it does have its associated fees as provided by PayPal. Regardless, PayPal stands to be the easiest withdrawal method as possible. If you deposit with a credit card you will have to have a paper check cut in order to receive your cash outs. Regardless of which deposit method you use, you will be entitled to receive a free $5 dollars on top of your deposit.

GamerSaloon has incorporated a great number of games into their service. Perhaps the most popular are the sporting games that are based upon football and basketball. Soccer, baseball, racing, and fighting games have also been added to the ballot. Furthermore, you will see that GamerSaloon also offers big tournaments for the shooting games. One of the most significant games available is that of Call of Duty. Call of Duty tournaments are no laughing matter to GamerSaloon, as they offer fairly substantial tournaments to be played through their service.

GamerSaloon provides players a security net that is impossible to break. They use several methods of keeping their players out of harms way. In order to prevent people from giving false results on a game, GamerSaloon has established a series of punishments, usually monetary, in order to prevent anyone from cheating. They launch rigorous investigations into disputed results in order to protect players from being cheated out of rightfully earned winnings. They also use a reputation system in order to keep players secure, so in the event that someone does cheat, bad feedback can be given. GamerSaloon prides themselves on their preventative measures, and keeps all players totally safe from harm throughout the entire career through Betting On Playstation Games.

Betting On PlayStation Games FAQ

How old do I have to be to play through these betting sites?

For the most part, the legal age for betting on Playstation is 18.

Is betting on playstation games legal in the United States?

Yes. Since PS games are games of skill, the games are kept legal under current federal laws.

What happens if someone disputes my win?

Contact customer service as soon as possible, and keep your camera handy to photograph the results.

Is betting on Playstation games safe?

Each one of the sites offering betting on Playstation games keeps all of their tournaments totally safe.

What happens if my credit card is declined?

This is so unlikely that it is not really a problem. PayPal remains a very easy deposit solution, however.